The Northern Italian region Venetia offers a large variety of landscapes and is a perfect holiday destination for every vacationer!

Mountains, rivers and charming lakes in Venetia

In the western part, the Lake Garda forms the natural border, in the south it is the river Po and in the north, the Eastern Alpes and the Dolomites. The rivers spring up in the Alpes and make their way to the coastline, where they flow into the lagoons or the Adriatic Sea. The largest rivers of the Veneto are the Po, Adge, Brenta, Piave, Tagliamento, Livenza and Sile.

One of the famous Dolomite roads lead you to the picturesque Cortina d’Ampezzo, passing steep streets, curves, deep forges and small lakes. In the summertime, the area offers pleasant temperatures for hiking tours, or a ride with a cable railway to climb the high slopes. In the province Vicenza in the western part of Venetia, the hilly landscapes of the Monti Bérici invite its visitors for nice excursions and hiking trips.

The Euganean volcano hills and the wine regions

Near the provincial capital Padua, the Euganean volcano hills characterize the landscapes. More than hundred cone-shaped hills raise from the Po plains and offer a nice contrast to the substantially industrialized plain. They emerged more than 35 million years ago, due to the periodic eruptions of the local volcanos. Since 1989, the unique beauty of this natural phenomenon is secured by the nature reserve Parco Regionale dei Colli Euganei.

Going south, the picturesque winegrowing region of the Valpolicella stretches to Verona. The “valley of the cellars”, which “Val-po-li-cella” means, dazzles with beautiful vineyards, surrounded by olive groves, cherry and peach trees and cypresses. In the province Treviso, the famous Prosecco region, where the world-known Prosecco wine is cultivated and produced, attracts its visitors with natural beauty and excellent wines.

Fascinating lagoons and the Po Delta

The large lagoon landscapes near the coast line offer a fascinating world of water, marshlands, canals, lakes and rivers. Thousands of years ago, the inhabitants started to create a system of canals between the rivers, which were used for trade and transport. The canals also became a favourable residential area for the Venetian aristocracy, such as the Brenta canals between Padua and Venice.

In the most southern part of the Veneto, Italy’s largest river, the Po, flows into the Adriatic Sea. The large delta forms the largest wetland area of Italy and offers a biotope for more than 400 water bird species. The calm landscape is characterized by large rice fields, green lush meadows, wooded river islands and lonesome farms. It can perfectly be discovered by bike or with a kayak. Since 1997, a large part of the delta is under nature reserve with the Parco Nazionale del Delta del Po, which stretches to the neighbouring region Emilia-Romagna.

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Venetia offers beautiful architecture.

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