North of the provincial capital Treviso, the luminous green hills where the world-known Prosecco wine is produced stretch in the northern part of Venetia. The area is surrounded by the Trevisan pre-alps and the Piave plain, and the wine road “Strada del Vino Prosecco,” which was opened in 1996, invites you to take a trip to the wonderful villages.

The highlights of the Prosecco road

Interesting facts about the popular pearl wine

The famous Italian sparkling wine may only be called Prosecco, if it is made of the typical Prosecco grape. In former times, the light and low alcoholic wine was fermented in bottles, like the Champagne. Today, it is partly fermented in large tanks, and filled in bottles with residual sugar to bring the “frizzante” into the sparkling wine. Besides the regular pearl wine, there is the “Prosecco Spumante,” a “Gran Cuvée” and a still Prosecco, the “Prosecco Tranquillo” as a regular wine.

The Prosecco Road starts at the castle of Conegliano and leads through the picturesque vineyards to the villages San Pietro di Feletto, Refrentolo, Soligo and Col San Martino and Valdobbiadene. The ride takes about half a day or longer, depending on how much time you would like to commit yourself to taste the” Prosecco” in a “Bottega del Vino”!

In the small village Col San Martino, you can enjoy delicious Venetian specialties in an old “Trattoria” and visit the beautiful Chiesa di San Virgilio from the 13th century. The church can be reached after a short stroll along the vineyards. It lies on the top of a hill and offers a spectacular view of the picturesque landscape!

Valdobbiadene marks the end of the Prosecco road and is home to the precious “Cartizze.” It Is the high-class “Prosecco” and the best wine of the whole region. The eponymous wine-growing area is facing the south and has a size of just about one square kilometre. The limited quantities lead to the three times higher price, compared to the regular “Prosecco”. The village also dazzles with the beautiful Piazza Marcona and the church Chiesa di San Martino, which was built on the slopes of a hill.

Outside the “Strada del Vino Prosecco,” the road between Valdobbiadene and Vittorio Veneto attracts with spectacular scenic views of the landscape. It invites to hiking trips along the vineyards and the Trevisan Alpes, which highest mountain is the Monte Cesen with 1,570m.

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