Grappa is a famous Italian alcoholic beverage that is traditionally produced in the Venetia region of Italy. This distilled spirit is made from grape pomace, and its strong and unique flavor has made it a popular drink not just in Italy, but around the world.

The history and origin of the Italian national drink

The picturesque village Bassano del Grappa at the Southern foot of the Alpes dazzles with not only with its beautiful roofed wooden bridge Ponte Vecchio, which was built by the famous Andrea Palladio; but also with its ceramic industry and its delicious white asparagus. The highlight of the city is the traditional Grapp. The most grappa distilleries in Italy are located here, and you could assume, that the village has its name from the popular grape marc spirit. But the city got its surname “del Grappa”, as it is located at the foot of the Monte Grappa!

And the name of the spirit Grappa has nothing to do with the nearby mountain, but derives from the Italian word “grappolo”, grape. So, it is a coincidence, that the Italian Grappa has its roots here. The first documentation about the distillation of wine reaches back to the 15th century, when the grape marc spirit was named by a Piedmontese notary for the first time. The notary donated his cellar with the distillation plant to his family. It soon became the national drink of the Italians!


For many years, the Grappa had the call to be the drink for the poor farmers, and it just received increasing attention and recognition by gourmets in the 20th century. Due to the technical development of the distillation process, the simple clear schnapps became a noble spirit. The Grappa is extracted from the grape and stem remains, the so-called marc, which are left-overs from the wine production. Today, you will find fanciful creations in Bassano del Grappa, such as lemon, plum, blueberry, cherry or mint.

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