Venice hosts several music and film festivals throughout the year, including the Venice International Film Festival, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious film festivals in the world.

The famous opera festival in Verona and the yearly film festival in Venice

The opera festival in Verona ​

The Arena di Verona is the third largest amphitheatre after Rome and Capua. And it is undisputed one of the most beautiful and largest open-air-stages in the world. The magical scenery of the Antique Roman theatre makes the opera festival in Verona to one of the most significant in Europe. It takes place every year in July and August.

The gigantic stage of the amphitheatre has a size of 1,500 sqm and the distance between the stage and the first seat row is 50 m. It was built in the 1st century A.C. and once had a height of three storeys. Due to several earthquakes, the large wall was destroyed. Only on the north-western side a part of the four arcade arches has survived. The two-storey inner circle was not damaged and is still well preserved.

The elliptical amphitheatre offers space for 22,000 spectators in 44 seat rows. In the lower Orchestra seats, the viewers listen to the happenings on the stage reverently. On the unnumbered seats on the stone stairs, you can enjoy a more exuberant atmosphere and a fantastic view of the old town of Verona, which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 2000.

The film festival in Venice

Every year in September, the film festival Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica attracts celebrities and VIPs. It is the oldest film festival in the world and takes places since 1932. Today, it takes place in the Palazzo del Cinema at the Lido of Venice and is also among the most significant festivals besides the film festival in Cannes and the Berlinale.

In Venice, the international film stars come together, to win the popular Golden Lion. There are further awards, such as for the best screenplay. Short movies, film debuts or restored classics are shown as well.

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