Venetia is located in northeastern Italy, bordered by the Alps to the north, the Adriatic Sea to the east, and the Po River to the south.

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The Northern Italian region Venetia has a size of 19,391km² and is the eighth largest region of Italy. With 5 Million inhabitants, it ranks fifth. In the east, the Italian region Friaul-Giulia borders and in the northern West Trentino-Alto Aldige. The Lombardy boundaries in the west and the Emilia-Romagna in the south.

In the northern part, the Austrian regions Tyrol and Carinthia border; but there is no direct road link for Austria. In the Northern Alpes, the most northern point of the Veneto, the Cima Vanscuro, which reaches 2,678m. The most southern point is the Po de Goro in the nature reserve of the Po delta.  The regional capital of Venetia is the lagoon city Venice, which lies in the largest lagoon of the region

Venetia, also known as the Veneto region in northeastern Italy, is famous for its romantic city of Venice, as well as other beautiful towns and cities like Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Treviso, and is home to the majestic Dolomite mountains.

Venetia is also known for its delicious cuisine, including seafood dishes like risotto alle seppie and the iconic Italian dessert, tiramisu, which originated in the region.

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Venetia offers beautiful architecture.

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