Every year in February, the lagoon city Venice turns into a colourful masquerade ball! In front of the unique setting with the narrow canals, alleys and the silently gliding gondolas, the many prestigious and secretive costumes and masquerades exude a special mystique.

The Carnival fascinates thousands of visitors every year

The Carnival in Venice is known worldwide and attracts thousands of visitors every year. The festivities start on the Saturday before the last carnival week and continue until Shrove Monday. At the end of the celebration, there is a huge firework on Carnival Tuesday.

Some people say it is an enchanting orgy of the phantasy and reflects the joie de vivre of the Venetians. Some of the Venetians even tailor their costumes themselves and take historical masquerades and costumes as orientation. The mysterious and elegant masquerades exist in many colours and variations. The most famous are the “Colombina,” the sensual half masks, or the mysterious “Zanni” with the long nose. The “Harlekin,” “Bauta” and “Volto” are famous variations as well.

The origin of the festivities reaches back to the 15th century when the Venetians won the fight against the hostile Aquileia. After the defeat, the patriarch of Aquileia and his entourage came to Venice, dressed as a bull and 12 pigs. Henceforth, “Il Carnevale” was celebrated every year as a parody. It was the only time of the year, when there were no class differences in this strictly hierarchical society. Everyone could act liberal and disrespectful under the coverage of their disguise.

The history of the famous Carnival in Venice
During the era of the sensuous Rococo in the 18th century, the carnival was celebrated for six months! But Napoleon prohibited the vivid hustle and bustle in 1797, as too many people abuse the anonymity of the masquerades for all kinds of pleasures without any taboos. In the 19th century, the Carnival celebration was forgotten and started again in 1979 in the same splendour as it was celebrated in the Rococo.

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