The Northern Italian region Venetia offers not only landscapes full of character, but also numerous culinary highlights.

Rice, polenta and fish dishes of the Venetian cuisine

Corn, rice and red beans were first imported as well, before they were cultivated in Venetia. They are the basis of many Venetian dishes.

Especially the list of Venetian rice dishes is endless! The region includes a large area of the Po plain, where the waterways, canals, and wetlands are ideal for rice growing. Popular dishes are “risi e bisi” with young peas, “risotto con scampi” with king prawns, “riso e trippe” with tripes and “risotto al nero di sepie” with the black squid sauce.

Polenta is the second basis of the Venetian cuisine. It is served as a side with many dishes, like as roasted slices with the delicious “fegato alla veneziana,” veal liver with onions. The “tortellini di zucca” with pumpkin filled tortellini, are popular as well. In Valeggio, they are celebrated each year during a large festival.

The stockfish or cod is the typical fish of Venetia and is prepared with many Venetian specialties. You should not miss the delicious “baccalà mantecato,” creamy mashed cod puree, or the “baccalà alla vicentina,” cod cooked in milk with herbs. It is also excellent as a fish soup, fish goulash or baked.

Prosecco, Grappa & the wines of Venetia

The wines of Venetia are among the most popular in Italy. They are mainly cultivated in the famous wine-growing areas Valpolicella, Soave and in the Prosecco region. 

The dark and fruity red wine Valpolicella has excellent quality wines. The substantial Amarone and the sweet Recioto are popular in this region as well.

The Soave white wine is the top-selling Italian wine after the Chianti. In the eponymous wine-growing areas between Verona and Vicenza, you will find excellent wines.

The famous Prosecco wine is cultivated in the Prosecco region in the province Treviso. On the Prosecco-Road between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, you can enjoy a culinary experience with excellent Prosecco wines and Venetian delicacies. The Cartizze wine is the flagship of the region.

Venetia is the home to the popular grape marc spirit Grappa as well and today still hosts the most distilleries of Italy. It is mainly distilled in the picturesque village Bassano del Grappa at the foot of the Monte Grappa.

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