If you are looking for action packed games that will pull your team together and enhance team spirit then you need look no further. Our team challenges will encourage your colleagues, friends or sports team to work as a unit and reap the benefits.

Solve all kinds of tricky tasks with skill, tactics, sportsmanship and fun

Italy offers a diverse range of team-building challenges that are perfect for companies, friends or any type of group seeking to boost their team’s problem-solving and communication skills. From treasure hunts in Rome to culinary competitions in Tuscany, there are many unique and exciting team challenges to choose from. 

These activities are designed to push team members out of their comfort zones and encourage them to work collaboratively towards a common goal. Whether it’s a cooking duel, the wine Olympics, beach games or Vespa Challenge, show that you have the best team and pull together your colleagues, friends or partners at a team event in Italy!

We hope to inspire you with our events and look forward to your request!

Italiaplus are multilingual MICE experts who provide various options in organizing team building events in some of the most beautiful regions of Italy and are on location to assist, at your destination. Upon request, the owners of Italiaplus, Barbara Stadlmann and Christine Rhodovi, will personally assist you and your team on location.

Drop us a line with your own ideas and wishes and we can create a team event tailor-made for you and your team!

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Beach Games

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Wine Olympics

Pirates of Italy

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Italian Cooking Duel

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