You can find beautiful coastlines in Italy, with long sandy beaches and crystal-clear water, which are the hotspots for holidays in “Bella Italia”. We organise our “Beach-Games” on several spots along the Italian coast, like at the Tigullian Gulf in Liguria or the Costa di Bari in Apulia.

Unique Beach Challenge

Experience tailor-made beach challenges that combine strength, agility, and team spirit in the most beautiful beach settings in Italy.

Tailored For Groups

Ideal for groups of 40 or more. Experience mixed tasks and team games designed just for your team.

Team-Building Oriented

These events can be structured as team-building exercises, focusing on strengthening key competencies in your team.

We will put together your individual beach challenge!

You can decide, which spot you prefer – choose between challenges on land or at sea, all of them require strength, persistence, team spirit, a sporting spirit and agility! For example, the tug of war requires strength, the sailing regatta calls for cooperation and skills, and during the slackline-competition the participants have to prove ambition and concentration.

We are pleased to put together a Beach Challenge for groups of 40 persons or more and mix different tasks and team games. You can choose the timeframe, the focus and the level of difficulty, and we will create an event, which will challenge and prove your team!

The Beach Challenge will take place under personal guidance of our outdoor guides, who have developed different games, which have been proven to bring a lot of fun to the participants. The guides help the teams to compete together and to meet the timetable. We will also be pleased to organise this team event as a team-building event. Just let us know the main competences of your employees, which should be strengthened and encouraged.

Our offer includes a personal assistance of Italiaplus on-site. Just name us the number of participants, the duration and the level of difficulty of the challenges to put together your individual team event right at the beautiful beaches of Italy!

Important Information

Fitness ++/+++
Nature experience +++
Competition +++
Agility +/++
Creativity +/++
Teamwork +++
Team building +/++/+++
Tactical thinking +/++
Trust +


Min 40 – Max 200


Italian Riviera (beach, coast, ocean)


Half day (2 to 4 h)


Personal assistance by Italiaplus
Professional outdoor guide , team trainer
2 Supervisor, 1 coordinator per 15 pax


Award ceremony, Lunch buffet at the beach, Give-Aways


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