In the Middle Ages, many Italian coastal towns were attacked by pirates and were victims of their hauls. Graceful castles are witnesses of Italy´s resistance against the Saracens. They still enthrone proudly on the beaches and ledges.

Pirate Adventure

Transform your team into daring pirates with our unique team-building event, engaging them in fun challenges both on land and at sea.

Tailored Challenges

We offer challenges designed to fit your team's fitness level and schedule, ensuring an exciting yet accessible experience for all.

Full-Service Agency

As a full-service agency, we handle everything from hotel booking to transfers and supporting programs, providing a seamless and memorable team event in Italy.

Let your employees become pirates themselves!

On land and at sea the teams have to cope with different team challenges while hunting for the pirate‘s treasure. This is not going to be like a stroll in the park, as the competition never sleeps! Just one of the teams can be the winner of this treasure hunting challenge.

The teams have to compete against each other in different games and challenges and collect gold coins. But they can also loose the coins to the other teams, if they don’t watch out. The physical fitness of your employees will be tested in a Canoe Competition, and a Beach and Cliff Challenge. The teams will have to beat each other in several sporting competitions with the right technique, dexterity, sporting spirit, power and endurance. The formula for success is good team work and a healthy sense of humor!

On the Interactive City Rally, the members of the teams will need their wits about them! Equipped with compasses and treasure maps the teams will have to find different stations, follow hints, solve riddles and, finally, find the treasure and storm the castle!

The “Pirates of Italy” event is bookable for different spots along the Italian coastline. The challenges can be customized according to the fitness level of the participants and the timeframe. Professional outdoor and team trainers will guide the teams during the challenges. We will be pleased to organised this event as a team building with a focus on the competences of your employees, which you can discuss with us.

As we are a full-service event agency, we are pleased to organise the booking for the group hotel, all transfers and an individual supporting programme for your team event in Italy. We will offer you on-site assistance by the Italiaplus owners.

Important Information

Team work +++
Competition +++
Fitness (strength, speed) +/++/+++
Agility ++/+++
Creativity ++
Nature experience ++
Tactical Thinking +/++
Trust +/++
Required knowledge –


Min 40 – Max 200


Italian Riviera (beach, coast, ocean)


Half day  (3 to 4 h)


Personal assistance by Italiaplus
Professional outdoor guide , team trainer
2 Supervisor, 1 coordinator per 20 pax


Snacks, Lunch, Product Tasting, Give-Aways, Branding


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