The history of the world-wide famous “Parmiggiano Reggiano” reaches 900 years back! In their abbeys in Northern Italy, the Benedictive monks produced cheese from milk of the cattle breed “Rossa Reggiana” (“the red from Reggia)”. They gave the nutritious speciality to travellers and pilgrims as provisions for their journey, who made it popular in the rest of Italy.

The origin and the manufacture of the aromatic Parmesan cheese

The aromatic cheese from the Emilia-Romagna may only be named Parmesan if it is produced in the provinces Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena or parts of the provinces Mantua or Bologna. The name Parmesan is protected by a EU label since 1996. All steps of the production are strictly monitored; the animal feed, like grass and clover, already must come from the region Emilia-Romagna.

After separating the cheese mass from the whey, it is filled into the typical parmesan cheese forms, and then immersed into salt brine for three weeks to preserve it. In air-conditioned storage rooms, they are stored for the mature phase of at least 12 months, regularly controlled and turned around by cheese experts. Only the best cheeses may mature further! The delicate “Parmigiano Reggiano extra stravecchio” matures up to 5 years, and is a true rarity, for which you pay around 6 Euros per 100g.

Culinary delights with “Parmiggiano Reggiano”

The delicious flavour and the multi-layered spiciness make it culinarily unlimited applicable. As the finishing touch for pasta and vegetable dishes, soups and salads or with fresh fruits, dried fruit or fig mustard.

 It is one of the main ingredients for the delicious Pesto Genovese and enriches a beef Carpaccio perfectly. A speciality in the home to the “Parmigiano Reggiano” are the “chizze reggiane,” small dumplings filled with the aromatic cheese and fried in oil or lard.

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