The region is home to many fascinating and historically interesting cities and villages, which have a long cultural and culinary tradition and history.

Delights & culture in Bologna and Parma

Bologna is the capital of the region and is surrounded by the Po Delta in the north and the green hills of the Apennines in the south. Its history goes back to the prehistoric era. Today, the metropolis is the cultural and culinary heart of Italy! Miles long arcades, the colour of the red brick houses, and high towers characterize the city image. They were built by the noble families, which had ruled the city over centuries.

Bologna is also named “The Scholar”, because it is home to Europe’s first university, which was founded in 1088. Until today, up to 90,000 students learn and research in the facilities. The labyrinthine church and monastery of the Basilica di Santo Stefano from the 8th century, attracts visitors with its mystic aura.

The provincial capital Parma delights with its culinary treasures, such as the Parma ham, the delicious Parmesan cheese and the pasta of the worldwide largest noodle manufacturer Barilla. Its Piazza Duomo shows a unique ensemble of a Roman-Gothic cathedral and its octagonal baptistery made of the Veronese pink marble. It is a perfect starting point to make excursions to the nature reserves of the region.

Impressive UNESCO cities in the Po plain

The city of Modena lies at the southern edge of the Po delta and has an important past. It was the capital of the important Duchy of Este for a long time, which built impressing palaces and the Palazzo di Musei with its precious library.

The Duomo San Geminiano on the Piazza Grande is made of white marble and is considered one of the most important Roman monuments in Europe! It consists of two parts, the cathedral and the bell tower Torre Ghirlandina, which is 86 metres high. The ensemble is listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Modena is the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the sports car manufacturer Ferrari, where you can visit the Ferrari museum today.

Other UNESCO cities in the Po plain are Ferrara and Ravenna. Ferrara is a synthesis of the arts, with monuments from all epochs, mainly the Renaissance. The small crooked streets of the old town were expanded by the Duchy of Este in the 15th century with long, straight roads and precious palaces. The car-free city centre is perfect for bike rides along the old town wall.

The harbour city Ravenna attracts with its worldwide unique early Christian mosaics, which are listed sevenfold as UNESCO World Heritage! The most impressive mosaics can be seen in the Basilica di Sant’Apollinare and the Basilica San Vitale.

The most beautiful villages of the Emilia-Romagna 

The village Brisighella lies midst the old olive groves on a karst formation of the regional park Vena de Gesso. A medieval castle, the beautiful cathedral Santuario del Monticina and a clock tower from the 19th century, were built on three rock spurs surrounding the village. The alleys are seamed by colourful houses. The landscape full of olive groves is perfect for hiking tours and the award-winning olive oil of the region can be tasted and bought in the small stores and taverns.

Further “Borghi piú belli d’Italia” are the villages Bobbio, Castell’ Arquato, Vigoleno, Fontanellato, Compiano, und Fiumalbo in the western part of the region and Gualtieri, Dozza, Montefiore Conca, San Giovanni in Marignano, San Leo and Montegridolfo in the east.

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