The Italian region Emilia-Romagna dazzles with numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, of which some are multiple listed! All of them lying around the picturesque Po delta, where the river Po flows into the Adriatic Sea.

Prestigious Palazzi and churches in Ferrara

The city Ferrara seems to be an urban total artwork and attracts with the monument from all epochs, especially the Renaissance. The whole historical old town is designated as UNESCO World Heritage. In the car-free old town, you can enjoy bike rides along the town wall ring, partially even on it, and discover the beautiful treasures of the world culture city.

You will discover the fascinating Cattedrale San Giorgio from the 12th century with a façade in a Roman-Gothic style. The impressing Castello Estense is a brick-red castle built in the water, where you will find magnificent ceiling frescoes. One of the most significant buildings of the early Italian Renaissance is the Palazzo dei Diamanti with an artful marble façade.

Impressive mosaics in Ravenna

The global unique early Christian mosaics of the provincial capital Ravenna have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sevenfold! They can be visited in some baptistries and mausoleums, which were mainly built in the 5th and 6th century.

The most impressing mosaics can be found in the Basilica di Sant’Apollinare, which main motif is the life and death of Jesus. The eighth UNESCO appreciation is owed by the empty majestic tomb of the Goth’s King Theoderich and is considered as the most excellent monument of the Ostrogoths.


The UNESCO-Ensemble on the Piazza Grande in Modena

The proud of the city Modena is the prestigious architectonical ensemble on its Piazza Grande. The Roman Duomo San Geminiano was declared together with the Campanile Torre Ghirlandina as UNESCO World Heritage in 1997. The dome was built in 1099 and was dedicated to the patron saint of the city, the holy Geminianus. The actual symbol of the city is the freestanding bell tower, which measures a considerable height of 87m. The peak of the tower is decorated with two garlands in the form of marble railings, which give it its name.

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