The Po delta lies in the northern part of the region Emilia-Romagna and is plain throughout. It dazzles with UNESCO World Heritage cities, numerous rivers, canals and the azure ocean. The paradisiac nature reserve “Parco Regionale del Delta del Po” stretches over the Italian regions Emilia-Romagna and Venetia.

Fascinating nature, woods and lagoons in the nature reserve

It is the largest nature reserve in Italy and includes the estuaries of the large river Po and further smaller rivers, like the Reno and Montone, which spring up in the Apennines. All the rivers pour forth into the Adriatic Sea. It also saves the fertile nature of the wetlands Sacca di Goro, Valli di Comacchio, Paillasse Ravennati and Valli di Campotto. The Gran Bosco della Mesola is the largest mixed forest in the whole region – on about 10,00ha, numerous trees, ferns, reeds, mushroom, and flower species flourish.

Outside the nature reserve, the fascinating river and lagoon landscapes were already cultivated by the monks of the medieval abbey of Pomposa. Besides rice, they grew grains and vegetables on the drained fields.

The UNESCO Ravenna and Ferrara in the Po Delta

The beautiful Renaissance city Ferrara and the nearby Valle di Comacchio are listed as UNESCO World Heritage. The wetland of the valley dazzles with its lagoon landscapes full of birds and fishes, canals beautiful coastal and bathing resorts

The city Ravenna is even listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site eightfold! The lush pine forest of the suburb Classe and the saltworks of the salt city Cerva belong to the nature reserve of the delta. Going south you will reach the popular bathing resort Cesenatico, where the infrastructure of the seaside tourism consolidates.

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