The landscape of the beautiful region in Northern Italy offers everything a vacationer’s heart desires! It dazzles with a large variety and contrasts and stretches from the Po plain in the north to the Apennines in the south and the Adriatic coast in the east.

The nature reserves, mountains and hilly countryside - perfect for hiking

Around 48 % of the region is plain and the rest is hilly and mountainous, which offers a large diversity in the flora and fauna. There are 25 nature reserves, which mainly lie in the mountains of the Apennines in the south. Along the mountain ridge the borderline to the region Tuscany extends.

The highest mountain is the Monte Cimone, which reaches 2,165 m with its neighboured mountain Monte Cuscna with 2,120 m. The highest part of this area is the nature reserve Alto Appennino Modenese with a fertile landscape, which favours the growth of rare animal species and plants. More than 300 km of ski slopes offer perfect conditions for skiing, snowboarding and ice climbing.

Going north, the landscapes flattens and gets greener with woody hills and many rivers and brooks. It is a perfect scenery for hiking tours along the rivers Reno and Panaro and excursions to the hilly countryside. The fertile landscapes are crossed by endless olive groves, green vineyards, picturesque villages and castles steeped in history.

The flat Po-Delta and the beautiful coastline of the region

The Po Delta in the northern part of the region is a large extended plain with uncountable rivers, canals and lagoons.

Discover the water landscape in the large nature reserve Parco Regionale del Delta del Po, which is home to many wild animals. The strategic location makes it an important connection between the Adriatic Sea, Northern Italy and Europe.

The coastline of the Adriatic Sea in the eastern part of the region extends to more than 130 km along the provinces Rimini, Forli-Cesena, Ravenna and Ferrara. The most southern province Rimini has the most popular beaches at its Riviera with beautiful bathing resorts and a beautiful hilly landscape. Along the coastline of the province Ravenna, many pine trees line the beaches and the fine sandy beaches at the crystal-clear azure ocean are perfect to relax! You will find natural dune beaches next to vibrant seaside resorts.

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