The Adriatic coastline of the Emilia-Romagna stretches along the provinces Ferrara, Ravenna, Forli-Cesena, and Rimini. The long fine sandy beaches are a paradise for vacationers and offer much space and variety on about 130 coastal kilometres!

Beautiful Cesenatico & Cattolica

The history of Rimini reaches back to 1843; when the first bathing resort was opened. It was an exclusive coastal resort at that time, and only the sophisticated social classes could afford a vacation in the villas and grand hotels. Shortly after, the villages Cesenatico, Riccione and Cattolica followed.

Today, the beaches between Cesenatico and Cattolica are the most popular and most visited at the northern Adriatic Coast. But the endless sunshades and hotels lining up along the coast are just one facet of the region! It dazzles with picturesque old towns, vibrant harbours and a culturally fascinating hinterland, which can be reached easily from the coast.

Cesenatico once was the harbour of Cesena, which lies 8km away from the coast and is one of the capitals of the province Forli-Cesena. The impressing canal harbour is a large attraction and was planned by no less than Leonardo Da Vinci in the 16th century. The Porto Canale attracts with a pleasing architectural ensemble and the small fishing cutters with its colourful sails. Fine sandy beaches stretch along 7km to both sides of the Piazza Costa.

The fantastic beaches of the small village Cattolica extend to the neighbouring region Marches with its hilly coastline. There are the hustle and bustle of the beaches and the other touristic attractions, like the spectacular aquarium, hosting small and large sea dwellers, reptiles and penguins.

The beaches of Rimini, Ravenna & Ferrara

A further highlight at the Adriatic coast is the famous harbour village Rimini in the eponymous province. The first grand hotel of the beautiful Riviera was built here in 1908, and it still exudes a sophisticated flair. The old town offers historical sightseeing highlights, like the bridge Ponte Tiberio from the 1st century, prestigious palaces, the impressing Arco di Augusto and the beautiful fishing quarter San Giuliano.

The coast of the province Ravenna dazzles with a 35km long coastline and nine picturesque coastal villages. 

The vibrant bathing resorts are perfectly prepared for tourism – numerous waters sports possibilities, fine sandy beaches and the crystal-clear water of the azure Adriatic Sea are a paradise for vacationers! If you are looking for less hustle, you can relax at the natural dune beaches lined with shady pine woods.

The capital Ravenna is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the region. It once lied directly at the coast, but the river Po changed its inflow to the Adriatic Sea, so today it lies about nine kilometres in the inland.

The beaches of Ferrara in the northern part of the Emilia-Romagna are known as the Lidi di Comacchio and offer a large variety for every taste, age, and aspiration. The Lido di Volano is the most northern of the Lidi and with its large pine forest a paradise for nature lovers. The nearby Lido delle Nazioni dazzles with a beautiful lake and beach and offers best conditions for water sports and horseback riding.

Going south, the Lido di Pomposa and Lido degli Scacchi follow. The Porto Garibaldi is the oldest harbour of the Lidi and has a fishing culture reaching back to the Antique era. From here, you can enjoy pleasant boat rides to the nature reserve of the Po delta.

The most famous Lidi are the Lido del Estensi and Lido di Spina. Especially young people are attracted by the touristic harbour and numerous well-organized services and entertainment facilities at the Lido del Estensi. The Lido di Spina dazzles with luxury hotels and exclusive bathing establishments.

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