Tips to Explore the Unusual in Rome

Rome is not all about the Colosseum! There is much more to explore. From the Roman beautiful parks to pizzerias and cafés, there are many ways to get away from the crowds and discover the hidden gems of Rome. Here are 5 insider tips that let you enjoy the real Rome in this local sense, and feel the clock ticking.
Famous Piazza Navona square in the capital Rome

5 Real Insider Tips off the Beaten Track in Rome

When we talk about vacation in Rome, the first few things that come to your mind are the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s, and the Spanish Steps. You must definitely see them at least once in your lifetime, but there is much more to do and see in Rome!

When tourists travel to Rome, they remain so dazzled by the city’s architectural wonders that they often forget to explore its secret sides. Italian people know how to live a happy, stress-free life, and strolling through the streets can let you watch how they go about their everyday life. Time seems to move really slowly there.

Once you are done with the essentials, be ready to move away from the crowds and explore the different side of Rome. Here are 5 real insider tips off the beaten track in Rome.

  1. Relax in a Quiet Park

The biggest park in Rome is surrounding the Villa Doria Pamphili, lying in the West of Trastevere. Just relax or have a picnic here, and admire the villa and the beautiful gardens there. Take a jog past the fountains and alleys lined with trees. Go to the botanical garden too from there. The popular Villa Borghese situated in the city’s centre also has a beautiful park around it. Hike up the Pincio hill and enjoy the great view of the city.

  • Enjoy the Real Italian Pizza in Testaccio

Pizza lovers just cannot afford to miss the folksy neighbourhood of Testaccio. The daily market is worth exploring, as here you will find some of the most delicious vegetables, fish, meat and fruits. Don’t forget to notice Piramide Castio, the Roman pyramid that a local built for himself after returning from Egypt. Nuovo Mondo is the perfect place for people who crave for a great pizza.

  • Swim in the Sperlonga Sea

Sperlonga is a picturesque village situated on a cliff between Naples and Rome. Take a train from Rome, get off at Fondi, and take a 15 minutes taxi or bus ride to Sperlonga. Leave the market square beach, climb the steps, cross over the hill, and discover the old village part. Walk till the end of it to find a wonderful beach right by the water. It would be a great place to spend your day in Rome.

  • Sip Coffee at the Oldest Café of Rome

Saint Eustachio Café is not a café, but an institution. Situated in the historical centre of Rome, you will get to enjoy the best coffee here. They roast their beans right near the Pantheon, so your nose will automatically guide you. Since it remains crowded most of the times, you may have to sip your coffee standing. But that’s the real steal, as it gives you an opportunity for people watching.

  • Take a Bicycle Tour of the City

Roman countryside looks admirable when you browse through it on a bicycle. There are tour operators who can provide you a manual or electric bicycle in Rome. If you want, they can also send a guide with you for directions. Bike through the centuries old Appian Way, Aurelian walls, thermal baths, and Roman Aqueducts, and explore the rich history of the city.

One last tip, go shopping to the Via Cola di Rienzo, where you get to shop for Italian accessories and fashion clothes just like the Romans!


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