The Mediterranean island is the remain of a land bridge, which connected the European with the African continent, million years ago. The island is the extension of the “toe” of the Italian boot-shaped peninsula. It is separated from the mainland by the Strait of Messina at the Italian region Calabria.

Interesting facts about the largest Mediterranean island

The distance to the closest island Malta is just 80km and to the Tunisian capital Tunis it is only 145km. Due to its favourable strategic position, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, was the bone of contention for almost all Mediterranean cultures and people. The Arabs, Greek, Romans, Normans and Stauffer, the Spaniards and French all left their traces on the island.

The capital Palermo lies at the northern part of the island and is the fifth largest city in Italy. Together with the suburbs, the metropolitan area of Palermo counts around 1 Million inhabitants.

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Sicily is a picture-postcard island.

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