The beautiful Mediterranean island is divided into nine provinces, to which also the three island groups of the Aegadian, Eolian and Pelagian Islands, as well as the islands Ustica and Pantelleria belong.

Trapani, Palermo & Messina in the north

The province Trapani forms one of the corners of the Sicilian triangle. The Aegadian Islands and the island Pantelleria lie offshore the coast. The diverse province offers many archeological sites as wells as untouched landscapes like the nature reserve of Zingaro and endless paradisiac beaches.

The province Palermo has around 1,3 Mio. Inhabitants and is the largest of the provinces. The regional capital Palermo is the largest city of the island and the fifth largest city of Italy. The region offers everything a vacationer’s heart desires: numerous monuments and cultural treasures of ancient eras and wonderful bathing resorts at the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The province Messina lies at the Strait of Messina, which parts the mainland of Italy from Sicily. It offers some historical locations like Capo d’Orlando, Patti and Taormina and impressing landscapes like the northern slopes of the Volcano Etna with the gorges of Alcantara, and the offshore Eolian Islands.

Agrigent, Caltnissetta & Enna

The southwestern province Agrigent is thinly populated and characterized by antique ruins, Baroque monuments, untouched beaches and crystal-clear water. The provincial capital Agrigento lies on a mountainious high pleateau in the Valley of the Temples, which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

East of Agrigent, the province Caltanissetta extends far into the interior of the island. Many monuments and buildings in the eponymous capital are witnesses of the different people and epoques, which lived here more than thousand years ago. The landscapes are characterized by green hills, woods, lakes and wheat fields as well as seven nature reserves.

Catania, Ragusa & Syracuse

Catania is the second largest province of Sicily and its eponymous capital lies between the volcano Etna and the Ionian Sea. Due to the gigantic volcano, the coastline is characterized by volcanic cliffs and beaches. The nature reserve around the Etna, which is UNESCO World Natural Heritage, extends from the peak to the surrounding villages.

The province Ragusa is the most southern west province and offers a diverse landscape, like the mountain massif of the Monte Iblei as well as shimmering sandy beaches. The beautiful Baroque buildings and palaces in the Baroque towns of the Noto Valley are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the province Syracuse, you feel like on a journey through the Greek and Baroque history!

The provincial capital Syracuse lies in the most southern corner of the Sicilian triangle and is only a stone’s throw away from Northern Africa. It is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage and so is the village Noto, which is part of the Baroque towns of the Noto Valley.

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