Sardinian cuisine

Sardinian cuisine focuses on the flavour of the food. It is usually simple and robust, and spices are used sparingly. To eat and drink typical Sardinian food, it is worth stopping off at a typical "agriturismo". Here, people cook in the Sardinian tradition with products from the region or their farm.

Exploring the rich and authentic cuisine of the Italian island

The variety of Sardinian bread and cheese

Bread and cheese have been staples on the island of shepherds for thousands of years. Shepherds could only carry long-lasting food on their journeys. To this day, more than 20 varieties of bread and numerous kinds of cheese can be tasted everywhere in Sardinia!

Sardinian olive oil

Sardinian olive oils are of very high quality, as the oil in Sardinia is still pressed in the old-established local oil mills. It is mainly obtained from the Bosana olive and has a piquant character. The oils from Alghero, Cuglieri, Seneghe and Gergei enjoy a particularly good reputation. Recently, there are even Sardinian DOP oils with a protected designation of origin.

Popular fish and meat dishes

It is not only on the coast of Sardinia that you will find delicious fish dishes on the menu; inland, too, people like to eat fish specialties from the streams and lagoon lakes. In the lagoon lakes around Oristano, eels (“anguille”) and mullets (“muggine”) are the preferred fish.

The roe of the mullet is a popular dish and is often called “Sardinian caviar”. It is washed in seawater and air-dried, pressed and smoked. Sliced, it is served as an antipasto or grated and used as a seasoning for pasta dishes.

In early summer, tuna (“tonno”) swim past the west coast in large schools and are caught in considerable quantities. Traditional fishing grounds are Stintino on the northwestern tip and Isola di San Pietro on the southwest. As stocks are severely depleted, it is mainly offered in restaurants on the Isola di San Pietro.
Meat is preferably from lambs and kids, suckling piglets and young calves. Horse meat and donkey meat are also popular. At all the major festivals on the island, the highlight is a suckling pig (“porcheddu”) roasted on a spit over aromatic maquis wood until crispy.
Carne a carraxiu” is a typical Sardinian grill variant that is often celebrated at Sardinian folklore evenings. The piglet, lamb or veal is placed in a hole in the ground, covered with herbs and rubbed and completely covered with earth. A smouldering fire lit above it cooks the meat for several hours. Salsiccia sarda” is a sausage made from domestic and wild boar and is often served as an antipasti or pizza topping.

Sardinia is adventure and relaxation

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