The landscapes of Sardinia

The holidaymaker paradise of Sardinia is just 190 km away from the Italian mainland - and yet the island is completely different! Rough, rocky regions in the island's interior, impenetrable macchia and wild nature alternate with kilometre-long sandy beaches on crystal-clear water are what give Sardinia the name "Europe's Caribbean".

Discovering the breathtaking landscapes of Sardinia

Sardinia’s most beautiful coasts and beaches

Capo Testa in the north of the island is undeniably one of the most beautiful scenic highlights. Here, the granite, deformed by thousands of years of erosion from storms, sea and changing temperatures, shows itself in its most bizarre forms. The former lighthouse stands at the end of the hilly cape between thorny diestel and macchia scrub.
The striking Sinis peninsula on the west coast captivates with its white, long sandy beaches. On the Costa Verde, you see impressive nature and a wild dune landscape with sand that stretches to the horizon. At the Gulf of Orosei on the east side of Sardinia, the steep slopes of the Supramonte Mountains drop steeply into the sea. The stalactite caves Grotta del Bue Marino and the beautiful beaches of Cala Luna and Cala Sisine are embedded here and worth seeing. The longest sandy beach in Sardinia, 10 km long, is on the Costa Rei in the southeast of the island.

Imposing gorges and mountain massifs

The Gola su Gorropu is one of the most impressive gorges in Europe, with its vertical rock reaching a height of 500m. 

It is located inland from Dorgali. A hike through the gorge reveals the hidden nuraghi village of Tiscali. Canyoning and caving are also very popular here.

The Supramonte massif towers steeply and inaccessibly like a wall south of Nuoro. The picturesque mountain village of Oliena nestles on the slope below the two highest peaks, Punta sos Nidos (1349m) and Monte Corrasi (1463m). Today, the Supramonte area is a refuge for endangered species such as vultures, eagles and mouflons.
The Gennargentu massif is the central mountainous area of Sardinia. The peaks of Bruncu Spina and Punta La Marmora rise to almost 2,000m! Together with parts of the adjoining Supramonte Mountains to the north, it was declared a protected national park in 1998. At about 1,000m you come across Sardinia’s highest mountain village, Nonni.

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