The most beautiful villages
and towns in Sardinia

Sardinia offers not only beautiful landscapes and beaches but also picturesque villages full of art, culture and tradition. Read more about the most beautiful villages in Sardinia and their cultural and historical treasures.

A journey through the island's most stunning towns

Alghero and Bosa on the northwest coast

The coastal town of Alghero is considered the most beautiful town in Sardinia and should not be missed when travelling in Sardinia! Today, you can still see traces of its Catalan past, even in the local dialect. The impressive historical city centre in Gothic style impresses with many sights, such as the cathedral “Santa Maria,” the “Palazzo Guillot” and the “Chiesa San Francesco” from the 14th century. The long bay along the emerald, green water invites you to stroll and linger.
The medieval town of Bosa stretches picturesquely along the Temo River and has a very special charm. The colourful houses line the slopes of the neighbouring table mountains up to the 12th-century Genoese “Castello Malaspina”. The palm tree promenade on the Temo with its historic stone bridge, one of the most beautiful in Italy, offers a beautiful contrast to the old town centre with its narrow, winding alleys. Bosa Marina with its beautiful sandy beach is very popular with tourists who go there to bathe.

Orgosolo and Castelsardo

The former “bandit village” of Orgosolo in the heart of Sardinia is best known for its 150 or so “murales” (wall paintings). At an altitude of around 600m, the village nestles against the cliffs of the Supramonte mountains, and even as you approach, a boulder with a huge face painted on it greets you on the road. Almost all the house walls in the centre – even the front of the town hall – are decorated with huge paintings. The first paintings were created as early as 1975 to express political and social criticism.

The view of Castelsardo is always an experience! The pastel-coloured little houses of the beautiful coastal town in the north of Sardinia nestle around the “Casello Genovese,” which is high up on a rock. From the central “Piazza Planedda”, steep stairways lead to the old quarter on the castle hill. Tourism dominates the lower part of the town. In small shops, you can buy traditional and handmade baskets and bowls, the “L’intreccio”.

The island capital Cagliari
Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia and lies in the south of the island. High up on a hill stretches the oldest part of the city, Castello, surrounded by a mighty wall. The bastion “San Remy” in Castello is one of the city’s flagships and offers a magnificent view over the city and its harbour from its terrace. Worth seeing are the 13th-century cathedral as well as the “Basilica di Nostra Signora di Bonaria” and the excavation site of the Roman amphitheatre. The harbour promenade in the lower part of the city and the 8km long city beach “Poetto” are also worth a visit!

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