On this 6-day group tour you will have the chance to discover two of the most beautiful destinations: The Italian and the French Riviera! Each day we will show you another beautiful spot in Italy or cross the French border to some sophisticated coastal cities in France.

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What awaits you on your group tour to Liguria and France?

Your destination in Liguria: Riviera di Ponente

„Riviera di Ponente“ is similar to the eastern „Riviera di Levante“ , characterized by a landscape of mountains and sea and a very mild climate throughout the year. The impressive rocky coastlines that dive steeply into the water, its long beaches and charming coastal towns are what make this region such an attraction. The enchanting hinterland dazzles tourists with its native charm and medieval villages on the hills. On this group tour you will discover some selected sites of culture and arts and you will savor many typical products and dishes from the local fishing industry and production. On the last days of your trip to the Ponente coast we will take you to some of the most popular resorts in the French Riviera!

On your 6-day group tour to the Riviera di Ponente in Liguria your accommodation will be in a family-run 3-star hotel, which is located directly at the sea in a charming coastal town in the “Riviera of Flowers”. Surrounded by pines and palms the hotel offers you a wonderful view of the bay. We hope the weather allows you to enjoy your breakfast on the terrace which offers you a lovely panoramic view of the bay and the lido. With private access to the sea you are sure to find peace and relaxation along the rocks. In the hotel restaurant, Ligurian and international dishes will be served with a romantic sea view.    

The highlights of your group tour to the Ponente coast in Liguria

  • Albenga – “City of a Hundred Towers“, former Ingaunic metropolis and roam city, and today one of the most beautiful cities of Liguria
  • The famous “Muretto“ in Alassio, decorated with handmade tiles made by great personalities of art, acting and sports
  • Sanremo – “Queen of the Riviera dei Fiori“
  • The medieval village Dolceacqua located in the backlands of Imperia with its famous Doria bridge “Ponte Vecchio di Dolceacqua“, which became a motif for Claude Monet in 1884
  • Olive oil in Imperia
  • One of the most beautiful villages of Italy
  • Sophisticated French resorts such as Monaco, Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes or the artist town Eze Village
  • Facultative: Finale Ligure – union of the towns Finale Marina, Finalpia, Finalborgo and Varigotti
  • Ligurian wines and products

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