The Province of Trentino

Nestled in the heart of the Italian Alps, the Province of Trentino is a region of remarkable beauty and cultural significance. From towering peaks and crystal-clear lakes to charming villages and centuries-old castles, Trentino offers a wealth of experiences for visitors of all ages and interests.

Discovering Trentino: Italy's Alpine Gem

Dolomite peaks or Lake Garda, medieval castles and palaces from the reign of the Tyrolese and Venetians, wine tastings, museums, exhibitions and concerts. You can discover all this and much more in Trentino!
The name Trentino originally referred to the land around the city of Trento and is still reflected in the official name Autonomous Province of Trento. Like South Tyrol, the province is divided into communities and forms a total of 15 valley communities. But unlike South Tyrol, Italian is the main language spoken in Trentino. To the southeast and east, it borders the Veneto provinces of Belluno, Vicenza and Verona. To the west, it borders the Lombard provinces of Brescia and Sondrio.

The provincial capital of Trento and Rovereto

The lively capital of Trentino is worth a visit for its magnificent “Duomo S. Vigilio” and cathedral square. Saint Vigilius was buried here and the cathedral was built in his honour in 1212. Together with the neighbouring “Palazzo Pretorio” and the 13th century “Vanga” tin tower, the cathedral forms an impressive building complex. The impressive Neptune Fountain also stands in the cathedral square.
Along Via Belenzani you can stroll along the magnificent Venetian Renaissance palaces with their frescoed façades. The 13th-century “Castello Buonconsiglio” is also worth a visit. The castle once served as a residence for the bishops of Trento and later housed various museums. The red marble façade of the church of S. Maria Maggiore and the Palazzo Tabarelli, on whose façade the profiles of 22 local personalities are carved, is also impressive.
Rovereto on Lake Garda is the real cultural capital of Trentino! The Venetian castle above the old town streets and the mixture of magnificent palazzi and Austrian architecture bear witness to the town’s varied history.

Rovereto is known around the world and is one of the highlights of contemporary art in Italy and Europe. Since 2002, the MART (Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto), one of the most important museums in Italy, has symbolised the vitality and creativity of Trento. There are also many art events and festivals.
In the evening, the world’s largest free-sounding bell, the “Maria Dolens”, rings in the beautiful coastal town. 

It was melted together in 1924 from the cannons of formerly warring parties and is intended as a reminder of the peaceful coexistence of peoples.

In terms of scenery, Rovereto delights as the northern gateway to Lake Garda and offers motorists and cyclists a befitting view of the natural spectacle that is Lake Garda! With its beautiful landscapes, mild climate and picturesque coastal villages, the lake is one of the top holiday destinations in northern Italy and stretches south from Rovereto across the regions of Veneto and Lombardy.

Mountains and valleys of Trentino

In terms of landscape, the forested mountain worlds of the Rhaetian Alps and the Dolomites largely occupy the province and are divided into the Adamello, Presanella and Brenta groups, the Judiciary Alps, the Lessini Alps and the Sette Comuni. Around 60% of Trentino’s surface area is above the 1000 m limit! The highest mountain in Trentino is Monte Cevedale at around 3,769 m.
More than five valley systems stretch across the entire province, of which the Adige Valley forms the central spine and extends across the Trentino basin. To the northwest of the Adige Valley, the valley around the Nonsbach stream opens from the Tonale Pass through the Val di Sole to the Rotaliana plain. From the northeast, the Aviso makes its way from the Marmolata and flows into the Adige at Lavis. The Brenta river flows through the Valsugana valley to the east of Trento. The southwestern valleys are characterised by the Sarca River, which flows into Lake Garda at Torbole.

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