The landscapes of the Lazio region

Explore the stunning landscapes of the Lazio region, from the rugged Apennine Mountains to the serene Tyrrhenian Sea. Discover the diverse natural beauty that surrounds the vibrant capital of Rome and beyond.

Discover the natural beauty of Lazio: From mountains to sea

The central Italian region offers art-historical treasures in the “eternal city” of Rome as well as picturesque medieval villages spread throughout the region. Famous painters and poets hundreds of years ago recognised the beauty of its contrasting landscapes and rich colours! Read more about the landscapes of the Lazio region in central Italy.

The Alban Hills in Northwest Latium

Not only magnificent wine landscapes characterise the region around the Alban Hills and extend to the border of Tuscany in the north. Due to tectonic folding, this area of land began to rise gradually two million years ago. In the following years, volcanic eruptions brought vast amounts of ash and lava lumps to the surface. The solidified tuff rock still characterises the landscape today and makes the area particularly fertile.

Streams and rivers gradually dug their way through the porous and easily worked rock, gradually carving out small valleys with isolated plateaus and steeply sloping ridges. People settled here from early times until the late Middle Ages and took advantage of the strategically favourable location. Thus, in the so-called “Etruria” one encounters the mysterious Etruscan necropolises, such as in Cerveteri and Tarquinia.

A scenic highlight is the five lakes north of Rome, especially the beautiful Lago Bolsena on the border with the neighbouring region of Umbria. It is ideal for swimming and a popular recreation area for Romans and Umbrians alike.

East of the Tiber

Towards the east, the typical hilly country with olive trees, vineyards and vegetable gardens, the Bassa Sabina, stretches out. Then the mountain ranges of the Apennines begin, which run through the entire Italian peninsula, with their sparsely populated mountain ranges forested with oaks and beeches. Near the provincial capital of Rieti, the large Conca Reatina plain opens up and the high mountains frame it.

Even further to the east, Monte Terminillo rises prominently at 2,216 m with unspoilt nature. On the borders to the Marches and Abruzzo rise the deserted Monti della Laga with the highest mountain in the region, Monte Gorzano at 2,458 metres. Unspoilt mountain idylls with high mountain pastures, waterfalls and the reservoirs Lago di Turano and Lago di Salto await you here.

East and south of Rome

From the regional capital of Rome towards the east, the landscape rises in some places to over 2,000 metres. The untouched nature with its beech forests and flower meadows is still an unknown hiker’s paradise. Bears, wolves, and chamois live in deciduous forests. From here, Italy’s largest nature reserve also extends into neighbouring Abruzzo.

To the south of Rome, the gently rolling volcanic hills of northwest Lazio continue. Around the vineyards of the world-famous Frascati wine, the lakes Lago Albano and Lago di Nemi fill the craters of extinct volcanoes. The Monti Lepini, Monti Ausoni and Monti Aurunce mountain range to the south reach heights of up to 1,500 metres. From the open heights, you can enjoy extraordinary distant views from Abruzzo to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The coastal strip is characterised by a kilometre-long sandy beach and extends to the steep limestone mountain of Monte Circeo. South of the mountain, the coastline is dotted with more sandy beaches and the beautiful coastal towns of Sperlonga and Gaeta. The latter is picturesquely situated on a peninsula in the Gulf of Naples and offers a southern Mediterranean flair.
The five tiny islands of the Ponza archipelago are of volcanic origin and with their unspoilt rocky coasts and idyllic bathing bays are a popular destination.

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