The provinces & capitals of the Lazio region

The provinces and capitals of the Lazio region showcase a rich blend of history and natural beauty, from the bustling streets of Rome to the tranquil coastal towns. Discover the unique charm and cultural heritage that each area offers.

Provinces, capitals and highlights of the Lazio region

The region of Lazio in central Italy is not only worth a visit because of the capital of Italy! Already in the 19th century, the entire region inspired famous poets like Goethe with its landscapes and cultural treasures. Read more about the five provinces and their capitals!

The province of Viterbo and Rieti in the north

The northernmost province of Viterbo is characterised by gentle volcanic hills, where Lago Bolsena is a particular highlight. Its unspoilt shores, small beaches and clean water offer relaxation. Tightly built medieval villages like Ronciglione and Blera, rich in artistic and cultural treasures, crowd the steep tufa rock. It was once the heartland of the Etruscans, whose necropolises still exert a mysterious charm today. Contrast this with the magnificent garden villas of the 16th-century nobility, such as the magnificent “Palazzo Farnese” in Caprarola. Rolling vineyards and olive groves dot the Sabine countryside around the province of Rieti. In the background rise the striking contours of the limestone Apennines, over 2,000 metres high. Monte Terminillo at 2,214 m is the highest elevation. The province is rarely visited, although there is plenty to discover here too! 

The valley around the capital Rieti is home to ancient Franciscan monasteries and in Tivoli, you can visit the luxurious villas and gardens from the 16th century. Rieti also offers a beautiful old town centre with lovely squares and old churches and palazzi from different style periods.

The Province of Rome and the National Capital

There is almost no way around Rome on a trip to Italy! The “eternal city” was built on seven hills and was once the centre of the Roman Empire. It is one of the most impressive metropolises in Europe and unique in terms of architecture, art history, cuisine and philosophy of life. The Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel and the Spanish Steps are just a few of the many sights. The Vatican City State with the famous St. Peter’s Basilica is an autonomous state and the seat of the Holy See.

Frosinone and Latina in south-east Latium

The province of Frosinone joins in the southeast and is characterised by the Monti Simbruini, the Monti Ernici and the Monti della Meta. They are the foothills of Abruzzo and are integrated into the largest nature park in Italy. The province delights with particularly beautiful natural impressions, such as the Melfa Gorge. But small towns like Aquino, Atina, Alvito and San Donato in the Val di Comino are also worth a detour. The provincial capital of Frosinone is not very interesting for tourists. However, there are important sights in the surrounding area, such as the Montecassino monastery. The southern region of Latina is characterised by the Pontine plain, which stretches between the Monti Lepini and the Tyrrhenian coast

Around the town of Sabaudia stretches the Circeo Nature Park with its Mediterranean pine and holm oak forests. The coast is particularly worth seeing: from Lido di Ostia south to Anzio stretches a 45-km-long dead-straight stretch of coastline, which rises to around 500 m at Capo d’Anzio. From here you can also make a detour to the Ponzian Islands. In the beautiful coastal town of Terracina, Goethe finally found the “Land of Light” on his trip to Italy in 1787! From here you enter Italy’s south, which shows a sunny climate, subtropical vegetation and lively everyday culture!

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